5 of the Highest Paying Jobs in the US Today

It most certainly happens that when choosing a career, our focus is not only on our passion but also how much money we can make. The salary that one can make is the fuel that keeps one going even in the toughest of times. With this in mind, below is a list of some of the highest paying jobs in the US today.




The emergence of different and chronic diseases make doctors and surgeons an integral part of today’s society. This can be realized by the amount of time that they have to spend in learning institutions. You will find that different specialists earn more than others do. Ranked among the highest paid doctors are anesthesiologists and then surgeons. OB/GYNS are also among the best-paid doctors. They are frequently contacted whether for a regular check-up or delivery.


Physicians who have a stipulated wage will mostly earn less than those who own a private practice. Doctors’ salaries can increase or reduce depending on the different states too. Pharmacists can also be included in this category because they are part of the medical fraternity and work hand in hand with doctors. Muscle and bone doctors treating¬†sciatica and hip pain have a lot of patients.¬†




Representing someone in court is not an easy task; this could be among the reasons why advocates are highly salaried. Spending 4 years to pursue an undergraduate degree and an additional 3 years in law school is tough. One has to also pass a set exam to practice. In most instances, lawyers working in a private setting get better pay in comparison to those in the public setting.


Dentists and Orthodontists


Today’s world has made us more conscious of the way we look. This has made our dental formula part of what has to be taken care of regularly. After every few months, we go for check-ups and examination. In case there is a problem then there is diagnosis and treatment. An orthodontist specifically deals with the aligning of crooked teeth. To achieve that perfect celebrity smile, you have to part with a substantial amount hence making this a thriving career.




At the helm of any organization, there is the Chief Executive Officer. This is the topmost person who plans for all the activities that are carried out in the firm. Without a CEO then most companies would fail. Keeping this in mind a CEO, therefore, has to be learned and skillful. Since the CEO is the master planner, they are always paid handsomely. What is required for this position is Bachelor’s Degree and an array of experience that proves self, people and work management skills?


Petroleum Engineer


Petroleum products are widely used all over the world thus making petroleum engineering among the best paying jobs especially in the US. Petroleum engineers are tasked with coming up with ways of mining the product without affecting the environment. They also oversee the extraction of the raw material and its processing to the final product. Where there is a high usage of petroleum products, automatically there will be a need for more petroleum engineers.