How to Install a Toilet

If you want to save on your water usage at home significantly, installing a dual flush toilet is a very effective way of doing so. Just as its name suggests, a dual flush toilet comes with two options for flushing your toilet. Each option uses different amounts of water. The toilet uses less amounts of water to flush the liquid waste and more water to flush solid waste. This, in the end, saves you a lot of water when compared to the regular toilets that use the same amount of water when flushing either liquid or solid waste.


If you are wondering whether you can install this toilet all by yourself or you need a plumber, the installation process is not so different from that of installing a regular toilet. I have an upcoming project of installing dual toilets, and I will share with you a step-by-step process about how you can install a dual flush toilet. By following the simple process that I will detail for you below, you can be able to successfully install the toilet on your own. However, if you are not sure that you can do it all by yourself, seek the help of a plumber.


First thing: Pick the right toilet

Toilet bowl picture


The first step that is equally very important is to choose the right quality dual flush toilet. Do a research on the best toilets that the market has to offer and go for the best according to your budget. Take up measurements of the place where the toilet will sit. Take the measurement of the distance from the bolts that pin the toilet to the floor to the wall behind the toilet.


In addition, measure the size and shape of the base where the old toilet previously sat to ensure that the one you will pick covers that area completely without leaving any unpleasant marks.


Second thing: Remove the old toilet

Man fixing the toilet bowl

Here, the first thing that you should do is turn off the water supply by turning off the water valve that is located behind the toilet. Flush all the remaining water repeatedly or use a vacuum to suction any water that might have remained.


Detach the water supply hose and the tank from the toilet bowl. In addition, remove all the bolts that pin the toilet to the floor and then disconnect it. Use a dolly to get the old toilet out of your house because they are quite heavy.


Third thing: Install your new dual flush toilet



Ensure that you follow all the manufacturer’s instructions when doing the installation because failure to do that may compromise the quality of the entire installation process. However, most of the new dual flush toilets have similar installation steps.

First, you have to install the new toilets gasket. Secondly, install the offset adapter and then place the toilet in the right position and secure it with bolts. Attach the tank to the toilet bowl, connect the water supply and put some silicon at the base of the toilet to prevent any water leakage. Lastly, connect the water line back and your toilet is ready for use. Once all that is done, you can now go ahead and enjoy using the bathroom while saving water at the same time.

New Toilet Shopping

I have always wanted a toilet that will utilize water more efficiently since I live in an area where water rationing is quite common. As I was doing my research, I bumped into information about the dual flush toilets that use different amounts of water when flushing either liquid or solid waste.

This was impressive and so I figured; why not? After all, even if there is always water at home, I could do something better with the money that I would save with the low bills. But first, I looked for information and I was pleasantly amazed that there is so much information out there about all types of toilets for the home. To learn more, I read up all I could about it. That way, I knew I would be making a sound choice when buying one.


After knowing the qualities I should consider when buying a dual flush toilet, I went to the market to look for toilets to install in my two bathrooms at home.


Here are the two brands that I found very impressive and among the best that the market has to offer:


TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia review

TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia


TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia is a compact toilet that is great for small sized bathrooms. The toilet bowl and the tank combination is elegantly designed to look good in your bathroom and it is very comfortable to use due to the elongated bowl.


The top of the tank features two chrome buttons that trigger two flushes, a full flush of 1.6 gallons or a partial flush of 0.9 gallons, which are able to clean the waste thoroughly with just a single flush. I have found this toilet to be a water saver, just as I read in a few reviews posted in https://homeworthylist.com/best-dual-flush-toilet-reviews/. This is why I advise people to read reviews first before buying a product online or even in the brick and mortar stores.


The TOTO toilet seat has a universal height, which means that it meets the ADA requirements and specifications. The water flushed per time in each flush also meets the EPA sense certification for dual flush toilets. In terms of installation, the process is quite simple and straightforward. This is because it is a two-piece toilet and the base is much lighter making installation even by one person very easy.



Suitable for small sized bathrooms

Its WaterSense certified

Universal height meets the height and bowl shape requirements of ADA legislation

Elegant design

Sold with one year warranty



Does not meet recommended flush lever requirements


H2Option American Standard Toilet review

H2Option American Standard


This dual flush toilet is made by a very reputable brand and thus you can be assured of its good quality. You can buy it with the confidence that it is going to serve you for a long time and give you good value for your money. It comes in a two-piece design, which means that the bowl and the tank require to be attached together. It comes in white color only but that is a good thing because white is a neutral color that is quite versatile because it can match with various bathroom themes.  


At the toilet’s upper part of the lid is a button that generates two flows with the lower flow delivering 0.92 gallons of water and the upper flow delivering 1.28 gallons of water.


These flows meet the WaterSense standards saving you water by about 20% when compared to the regular flushing toilets. The bowl has an Ever Clean surface feature that makes it very easy to clean keeping odor, stains and molds at bay, ensuring high standards of hygiene in your bathroom.



The EverClean surface effectively hinders the growth of bacteria

Toilet is built to resist mold that can cause stain bad odor and stains on the toilet

Dual flush to save water

Quieter when flushing

Saves 20% more water than the traditional toilets

WaterSense certified



The tank and toilet bowl are sold separately

As explained on Home Worthy List, dual flush toilets will save you a lot of water because the dual flush features allows you to be in control of the water dispensed. For liquid waste, just use a little water.

Be Kind, We Are All in This Together!

Being kind to everyone including those that do not deserve your kindness is the greatest way of leaving a positive impact in people’s life. Most people are seemingly becoming less kind every day and this one act of kindness to a random person goes a long way.


The best way to practice showing kindness is by starting with the people around you. The ones you spend the most time with, say your family, friends and colleagues. In an office setup where everyone is focused on themselves doing all they can to achieve their career goals, acts of kindness might be hard to come by. However, being kind to the people you work with creates a very conducive environment of achieving such dreams.


Here are some of the ways and benefits of creating a kinder working environment.


Always listen keenly to people when they talk to you

Woman comforting her friend

Never brush someone off without first listening to them and this includes even your junior colleagues. Taking some seconds to listen to a person gives him/her a safer environment to express himself without feeling intimidated. Sometimes all a person needs is a listening ear and things get better.


Give your colleagues and workers a treaty surprise


A surprise treat to your workmate occasionally, say like on their birthday is a great way of being kind to your colleagues. Such random surprise treats show them that you appreciate and care for them. In addition, it strengthens the team bond and working together is more fun than when everyone is working on their own.


Friendly competition is encouraged

Image result for friendly competition picture

The best way to compete is when you are doing it in a healthy and friendly way without bringing the others down on your way up. One person said that putting off someone’s candle does not make yours shine brighter. What this means in simple terms is that being kind to your colleagues and other people does not in any way hinder you from achieving your goals.


Smile at people a lot


Giving someone a smile is the simplest way of being kind to them. A smile can make a person’s dull face brighten up again. Smiling at people costs you nothing and it makes you more approachable and friendly.


Look out for each other’s needs

Box with pink ribbon

Anticipating about your colleagues’ needs is an excellent way of being kind to people. Send them congratulatory messages and gifts during their wedding or maternity leave and stand with them when they are going through a difficult time example when they are sick or have lost a loved one. You can also share tips about a way to save water that you have found out.


Volunteer to help more often


Come up with some days or events where the employees can participate in acts of volunteering. You can start with volunteering to help your fellow workmates who need your help. From there, organize volunteering outside the company setting where you can engage in acts of kindness to other people. Volunteering to help other people makes you be more empathetic towards other people.


Create a kindness-messaging platform


Come up with a messaging platform that encourages people to share kind messages. This is a great way of helping and engaging the employees to be kind to each other, and it creates a good working environment all the time.